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but does not cause a significant decrease in the individual's ability to socialize or work, lacks psychotic features such as delusions or hallucinations, and does not require psychiatric hospitalization.

Due to the inconsistent findings in GWAS, multiple studies have undertaken the approach of analyzing SNPs in biological pathways.PEACE ONLYPEACEPEACEMANHello ladies, November 2017 I've just joined this site and I'm seeking a lady friend to e-mail, chat to and hopefully meet.But life goes on and and I so miss female company so I hope that won't be held against me .Since a diagnosis of bipolar disorder requires a manic or hypomanic episode, many affected individuals are initially misdiagnosed as having major depression and then incorrectly treated with prescribed antidepressants.Associated features are clinical phenomena that often accompany the disorder but are not part of the diagnostic criteria.

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