Cultural differences in online dating

How do you deal with the way things are done in Greece?I try to be clear and kind in my conversation during the date.What is the dating ritual like in your country/region? In the US, the PC answer to just about every relationship question is: "well, if it works for the two of them, who cares." ...Is there really room for individuality when society sets the norms for what is acceptable and unacceptable in the dating game? yet, do we not all have to conform to the norms in order to get a date in the first place? for people who are in the game to find someone serious and who are communicating with people of the opposite sex from other countries....

So if you find yourself having a hard time understanding his culture’s idea of “l’amour”, not to worry, I’m here to help. No, probably not, but as a country France is pretty flirty.Yes, that bit is precisely as I perceive things to be here as well.The dating is definitely something you do with a purpose in mind, not a casual form of entertainment or to spend time without a particular purpose.I try to get the message across that I simply need to take things a bit slowly, to get to know him, etc.I don't want any mixed signals between us, so the only way to handle it is to be direct, clear, and gentle. I have definitely seen some cultural differences since I've been living in Greece.

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What this means for you: Culture isn’t always an excuse.

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