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LINQ takes this a step further by allowing querying from these same DBMS sources but within an object-oriented technology.

NET to directly query a relational database management server, such as SQL Server® or My SQL.

Due to a rash outbreak of women getting married, HR has decided to just have everyone marked as being married.

Latici for Estate of Beatrice Jakobiec (15 min.) B&B (Keith F.

Connor (Police Standards and Training Council) M&K (John S. Kaplan) (15 min.) for New Hampshire Retirement System M&K (Glenn R.

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Johnston) for NH Department of Health and Human Services (15 min.)Petition of Robert W. Smith) for New Hampshire Police Standards & Training Council (5 min.)U. Krupski) for Concord Police Supervisors’ Association (15 min.)Deere & Company & a.

Buonamano) for New Hampshire Department of Employment Security (15 min.)Appeal of Daniel J. Vanacore) for Kathleen Burl-Cardin (15 min.) S&H (David W. Kennedy, III) for City of Concord (15 min.) M&K (John S.

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So far we have dealt with only one single Employees table.

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