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There’s my friend Lucia, who is 5 feet tall and won’t date anyone under 6 feet.Natalie won’t date anyone who lives over the Richmond Bridge or through the Caldecott Tunnel.I didn’t expect much in the way of a love connection but naively thought I wouldn’t be demeaned or horrified. The term “mansplain” was coined well before PEOTUS Trump, but I can’t think of a more accurate verb to describe my date.It turned out I was his sugar-water mama, because I paid for our lunch.A 2012 report also found issues with invasive rats destroying the penguins' eggs in Chile.In case you happen to know any Humboldt-penguin bachelorettes, here's a little more about Spruce: His favorite band is Reel Big Fish.He repeatedly referred to the catfisher as a “big girl” — indeed, I’ve never heard “big girl” shouted so many times.

He’d look into my check-engine light, and we’d drink Shock Top.

I then showed him the picture of my Chinese ex-boyfriend and me at my adult bat mitzvah from a few years ago.

In addition to Hillary, big girls, Asians and Jews, he didn’t like Obama, cops or homeless people who pretend to be veterans.

The Humboldt penguin lives at the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in the UK.

Spruce lives in a colony with 13 other penguins, but they're either already coupled up or males in the same boat as Spruce.

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