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It took several centuries for this to result effectively in a common date, partly because of the practical difficulty of fixing the date of the equinox by observation.

This resulted in a decision to consider the equinox as falling on March 21, although the astronomical event can vary by a day or so either side of this date.

Churches historically located beyond the Eastern frontier of the Byzantine Empire, like the Assyrian Church of the East, follow yet another, slight variant resulting in a different date from the other Eastern Churches four times every 532 years.

If you find this confusing, you should try looking into the astronomical calculations, which will baffle all but the geekiest mathematical nerds.

Many western Christians fail to understand the weight and authority of tradition, nor the strength of anti-ecumenical feeling within Orthodoxy.

The latest possible date is April 25 (last time 1944, next occurrence 2038).

In 1923, when the Greek state adopted the Gregorian Calendar and made the Church follow suit for the fixed feasts, a chaotic schism ensued.

The notoriously fissiparous Greek old calendarists (at the last count at least five competing, and mutually anathematising synods claimed to represent the “Genuine Orthodox Christians” of Greece) are relatively few in number, but they represent an ominous sign of trouble to come if the mainstream Orthodox leaders attempt change.

Description du drapeau, d'après Jim Evans : Le drapeau du Polyamour est composé de trois bandes colorées de même largeur et d'un symbole placé au centre du drapeau.

Les couleurs des bandes sont, partant du haut pour aller vers le bas : bleu, représentant l'ouverture d'esprit et l'honnêteté entre tous les partenaires avec lesquels nous entretenons nos multiples relations ; rouge, représentant l'amour et la passion ; et noir, représentant la solidarité avec celleux qui, bien qu'ouverts d'esprit et honnêtes avec toutes les personnes prenant part à leurs relations, doivent cacher au reste du monde les-dites relations à cause des pressions exercées par la société.

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  1. Many granites that contain polonium radiohalos appear from their geologic contexts to have been formed during the Flood, and therefore cannot have been primordial (that is, created) granites as Gentry has suggested ( Link ).