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These days, it is illegal for anyone with an Israeli passport to visit Iran.

Kamal longs to see the removal of the current regime but thinks the most likely way for that to happen is for change to come from within.

However, the domain will be of limited use to Facebook.

The Iranian government has blocked access to the social-networking site, although internet users are still able to able to log on to Facebook by using anti-filtering software to circumvent the security measures put in place.

"But we are a wealthy people and everyone wants to be a manager." These days, Iranian-Israelis are an integrated and economically successful group.The United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organisation said that Majid Karimian Ghannad had registered the domain name "in bad faith", and ruled that he had no right to use the web address.The organisation ordered Mr Ghannad to transfer ownership of the localised domain to Facebook.The station takes calls, SMS messages and emails from listeners in Iran, and one of the most commonly talked about subjects, Parviz says, is the impact that Western economic sanctions are having on the country."People talk about their weariness with the current situation and tell us how they're having to store food and other life necessities at home." Parviz is concerned about the impact military action could have on his Jewish friends who remain in Iran. If anything happens, the regime will take them as hostages," he says.

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