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"I used to be able to talk to people my age in Tehran via internet chat rooms and social media, but these days government blocks are making it increasingly difficult." Her interest in Iran is unusual amongst her peers.

Construction began on Beit Koresh over 30 years ago with the financial aid of Iran's Shah - that was a time when relations between pro-Western Iran and Israel were broadly warm.The aim of our station is to re-establish that relationship," Parviz explains.Since the station's establishment three years ago, a team of 38 Iranian-Israeli volunteers keep Radis IN streaming over the internet, cable and satellite to a large national and international audience of Farsi speakers."No one wants war, but if it comes to military action then I would have to support it." Every day of the week, Iranian poetry, music, and politics can be heard blasting over the air waves of Radio Radis IN, but the station has one overall aim - peace."Throughout history, until the current regime came to power, there had been constant good relations between Iran and Israel.

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Iran is home to the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside of Israel.

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