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We want more men like Comrade March and Comrade September!

That is proof of a diet which consists of more than a few moldy beets and a rotten potato. This is the most glorious, most equal agitprop I have seen since I commanded Special Services brigade at the cathouses of Kunming. And next time you're at the Rancho and Bruno favors you (yeah) with a rendition of "Tico Tico," do what I do. Just behind the calculus book is a bowl with rhinestones on strings. The poor man may be ill from his strenuous exertions for The Common Good(tm). ]General, I may have to make you report to Jiffi-Lobo. Free sex is a horrible and selfish thing because it comes from one person. I do condemn and denounce censoriously all those who would grab public money from The People's Trough for their own selfish consumption. I'm not discouraged about our collective position on sharing the wealth but the tardiness of it's arrival into my pocket is troublesome to my banker.And could you not find one spiffy male not in the Pointed Head Society? , but these loyal comradic gentlemens remind me of dear beloved late Mr. (the viewing should be over soon though and we can proceed with the burial) Oh no, not my Friday night regulars.With the exception of "Comrade March" and "Comrade September" they look just like all the others illustrated here.OFFThat one brought back memories of what a delight flying used to be.Back in the early 60's I flew to Miami via 1st Class a few times and it was exactly as the image portrayed.

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You might think that this is some silly pool boy, but no, he is not. And if any of you neanderthals says otherwise, I will question out just why are good prole women wearing high-heel shoes? Comrade jac, I do not think that you really understand the purpose of the Kollective. For after all, she still has three teeth left, and can chew seal hides to soften them and so is still a valued and worthy addition to the Kollective. And coupled with the fact that Dear Grandma Czarwea... Dear Grandma, and Hawt Hannah are really one and the same. Of course, I am donating all proceeds from publication to the Party, for The Children™. And then there were the glorious progressive songs, one of which included the line "doing jumping jacks in a speedo", and ooh the queen in a corset, with pot belly hanging over blue jeans. I saw so much grab ass pansiness today, Bruno was starting to look straight. Whoopie, even I have become ensorcelled with Fraulein's enormous, and deliciously wrinkled, dugs. The Russian word at the top literally means "We shall overcome".

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  1. It'd be nice if I didn't pass out everyday after school. Plus now I have photoshop, to text and stuff will be way better. To this day, it has gotten more views in one day than my second most viewed got in a year. 1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?