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When using Twitter, comment or ask questions to twitter posts from the account you follow.

This will help followers see your name when you are replied to by that person.

Use this business e-mail for ALL your dealings in the porn industry. If your stage name/performing name is not available, add a “xxx” to the end and try again. For example, if your stage name is “Ashley Exotic”, the e-mail name would be “[email protected]” You can do this for free through many various web based e-mail sites. Below are simple ways that talent can market themselves at little or no cost. The most these steps will cost you is a small amount of time. Business e-mail: The very first thing you should set is an e-mail account.

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Last Update: 06/10/2014 A Guide to Marketing Yourself for FREE in the Adult Business by Powder White Over the last 11 years, I’ve constantly met new performers coming in the adult business who, have questions about how to build their name in the adult market and continually growing their fan base during their career. ” Translation: “I didn’t save any money & have to pay rent.” Alternate Translation: “But I wanted to buy some sweet kush today!

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