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Until recently, there was no word in Arabic for it—with people instead using the much lighter terms mu’aksa ("flirting, teasing").

Most of it is obnoxious but innocuous—men whispering things under their breath, singing songs, and brushing up against me.• Howard Kurtz: Lara Logan’s Egypt Nightmare• Full coverage of the Egypt revolution Sometimes, though, harassment can be truly frightening.

Asmaa' Mahfouz, a 22-year-old activist with the 6 April group, put a message on You Tube before the protests started.

The veiled, diminutive Mahfouz played on gender politics to encourage Egyptians to join the demonstration, saying: "I'll be distributing flyers and I'll be going out on the street [...] Everyone in this country who calls himself a man, should come out.

Almost everyone in Egypt has now heard the news that on February 11, the night when millions of Egyptians were celebrating the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, CBS correspondent Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob.

Logan faced an ugly side of Egypt that Egyptian and foreign women here are all too familiar—and fed up—with.

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