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Ghozlan and other activists have been at the forefront of a battle against harassment and violence against women here.Even as more Egyptian women than ever attend university and enter the workforce, they have had to contend with a society that still considers unaccompanied women out in public as “fair game” for sexual comments, advances and worse.Everyone who says girls who go to demonstrations will be abused, so they shouldn't go—he should act like a man and come out."Not just activists but average Egyptian women came out day after day, facing tear gas, rubber pellets, beatings, and the risk of arrest. She ventured out to her first protest on January 28. "We took one guy with us just in case it got nasty, in case we got harassed.We know Cairo—these things end up happening."But, she says, "It was perfect. Everyone was so emotionally and politically involved." Eid was separated from most of her friends and blinded by tear-gas. "As the days progressed the number of women on the street was incredible," she says.I've lived in Egypt since 2003 and much as I love it here I am sometimes disheartened and frustrated by the constant harassment.Most of it is obnoxious but innocuous—men whispering things under their breath, singing songs, and brushing up against me.• Howard Kurtz: Lara Logan’s Egypt Nightmare• Full coverage of the Egypt revolution Sometimes, though, harassment can be truly frightening.In 2004, during demonstrations by the opposition against President Mubarak, government-backed thugs attacked protesters and journalists.

Logan faced an ugly side of Egypt that Egyptian and foreign women here are all too familiar—and fed up—with.Even then, there are always people who try to step in and help.(Logan was reportedly rescued by a group of women and soldiers).Harassment has become a high-profile social issue here—whether because attacks are increasing, or awareness is, remains unclear.Just last month, Egyptian cinemas screened a new and much-talked-about movie about sexual harassment.

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