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For three thousand years, a thriving Armenian community had existed inside the vast region of the Middle East bordered by the Black, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas.

The area, known as Asia Minor, stands at the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Its members came to be known as Ittihadists or Unionists.

A golden era of peace and prosperity followed which saw the invention of a distinct alphabet, a flourishing of literature, art, commerce, and a unique style of architecture.

By the 10th century, Armenians had established a new capital at Ani, affectionately called the “city of a thousand and one churches.” In the eleventh century, the first Turkish invasion of the Armenian homeland occurred.

At its peak, this Turkish empire included much of Southeast Europe, North Africa, and almost all of the Middle East.

But by the 1800s the once powerful Ottoman Empire was in serious decline.

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