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Whether or not we establish barriers (social, cultural, familial), teenagers will be teenagers and they will do what they want to do, often without our knowledge.

The MOST RESPONSIBLE things for parents to do is to teach whatever values they choose, but to also “keep it real” and not ignore things in the hopes that they just won’t exist or happen. It’s difficult to change stereotypes that have been around for decades or centuries perhaps.

Obviously internet dating is a minefield of predatory men who are only after one thing. Are we non Persian girls just for dating or bedding? I am, of course, not saying that your assumptions are incorrect.

I would be interested in your thoughts as I am getting quite disheartened at the attitudes. I think, very unfortunately, that there are some cultural stereotypes (in both directions! So good, let’s get these all out in the open so that we can talk about them.

The chemistry is good, conversation is real and we just laugh, laugh. ) year engagement to some Persian dildo that bores the hell out of her, you can just read it on her face. She gives me every signal: the pouting, the hair twirling, the do-you-like-my-outfit, the calling me every now and then just, you know, because.

However, I would also imagine that these statistics would be questionable unless obtained through physical exam since solely self-report would likely yield inaccurate data from the middle-eastern side.This isn't the first time I've noticed the usage of Persian in lieu of say, Iranian-American. I'm wondering if people think it's cooler to say "I'm Persian" rather drawing attention to their country of origin. Thanks so much for schooling me on this cultural nuance. I dont like to be associated with many of the things American, culturally or politically, as of late. And if this person's an avowed atheist, chances are she's not a slave to family tradition.Obviously your experience with this population is limited if you have not once realized there is a huge segment of it that does not wish to be associated with modern connotations of Iran, for a variety of reasons. Now that you have, would you like to know what I think? But it isnt an option to pretend Im something else. This an engaged girl problem, not a Persian girl problem. It sounds like she doesn't want to be in the engagement.The times are changing in ALL cultures and the younger generations across the world are probably becoming more alike than they ever were in the past because of technology, the internet, ease of travel, and so forth.Furthermore, there are just certain human factors that no culture can overcome.

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