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The rule here couldn’t be simpler: Anything that hooks into a network must be locked down. Consider this: There are websites that list the default passwords of all kinds of devices.

If you have something wireless that’s hooking up to your household router, it likely came with a pre-set password and login. And what’s to stop a hacker from opening your front door or turning off your heat during a blizzard or your lights during a home invasion: all with an app?

Keep in mind that the webcam can still be remotely activated, but the feed will be blank.

Something that you should also be aware of is that every computer with an integrated webcam typically also has an internal microphone, and covering the camera doesn’t affect the microphone.

He tried to get money in exchange for not distributing the pictures, and got 18 months behind bars instead. Unfortunately, there are thousands more slimeballs where these guys came from who are poking around, looking for ways to exploit the private moments of your life for their personal amusement or gain.

Covering your webcam with a sticky note, sticker or tape might seem like a strange idea, but it’s something that some security experts and even high-profile individuals like Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey do for security purposes.

Are your fitness records hackable by a third party? The number of people who don’t change default passwords is staggering, as evidenced by the 73,000 wide-open webcams on that Russian website.

There’s a major disconnect here, and it’s specific to the Internet of Things.

If the past year has taught consumers anything, it’s that identity thieves, fraudsters and scammers are on the prowl, going after any information they can use to make a buck. If the thought of being the unwitting star of your own prime time reality show gives you the willies, consider the recent revelation that more than 73,000 unsecured webcams and surveillance cameras are, as I write this column, viewable on a Russian-based website. S.; 6,536 in South Korea; 4,770 in China; 3,359 in Mexico; 3,285 in France; 2,870 in Italy; 2,422 in the U.

According to Network World, “There are 40,746 pages of unsecured cameras just in the first 10 country listings: 11,046 in the U.

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