Are laura and ross dating

In fact, Pixie, the show mascot dog, lived in his room on work days.

Also, Calum is in his 20s but part of the reason he still looks so young is that he can’t grow facial hair — we’re pretty sure he’s never had to shave.

(sorry I TOTALLY suck at summaries, please give it a try) (probably oneshot). Will Laura be able to give Ross just the jolt he needs to wake up?

But somewhere along the way they forgot how to love each other.

star was rumored to have been dating his co-star Laura Morano since they play similar roles as lovers in the series too.

Just for fun: what is one thing that viewers may not know about Ross, Laura, Raini and Calum? No matter what we asked him to do, he would learn it in a day — whether it was Irish step-dancing, spinning a basketball on his finger, or playing a specific song on the mandolin. Laura doesn’t like pickles — but she is such a trooper, that she would eat them whenever we asked her to. It’s a flip-phone and it’s got to be from the ’90s.

We used to have cast/crew foosball tournaments, and Ross went from not really knowing the game to dominating in no time. Raini loved her Trish wardrobe so much that she kept almost of all of it.

Also, Raini’s dad makes the best BBQ ribs ever and would bring them by whenever he was in town.

Calum’s dressing room was the unofficial hangout for us and the cast.

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