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British soul star JOSS STONE is racing to explain a saucy photo in the booklet accompanying her new album - because fans think it confirms a romance with producer RAPHAEL SAADIQ. Musicmaker DALLAS AUSTIN has alleged female pop stars CHRISTINA AGUILERA and JOSS STONE offered to perform sexual favours in exchange for his producing skills on their albums.The Grammy-winning songwriter - who has produced songs...In preparation for her approaching nuptials, SABRINA star MELISSA JOAN HART has purchased a home in California's San Fernando Valley.Hart's new five bedroom, 5.5 bathroom home, which she bought for almost .7 million...Just don’t ask him to tell you the title — it changes once a month. My process is listening to Issa and what the crew wants as far as needle drops and matching the personalities of the Molly character, the Issa character, and the Lawrence character. I have so many songs and ideas but I want it to be ten songs. I’ve been making records for so long, and when you started making records when we did, everybody was used to putting 16, 17 records on a disc. It’s gonna fit — I’m going to make it ten — but narrowing it down is really hard. Every time I’m in this mode, it means the album is almost done. Some artists, like Drake for example, keep their albums really long. His penmanship is crazy, and he has a lot of music in his head. I’ve been coming up with a new title for my album every month for the last five years. The title I have today is “God Willing.” Where did that come from? I sit in on all the meetings about sound and budgeting. I love when she’s talking in the mirror to this other version of herself, that character in her head. I like to score when Molly’s in her office, like when she’s walking somewhere. In your post-episode Wine Down with Issa, you said Molly was your favorite character. She’s in and out of this open relationship with Dro while she’s turning down nice guys that seem better for her. She’s unpredictable: there are some things that you to happen, but you don’t know if it’s gonna happen for her. [The filmmakers] were fans, and they heard about me scoring a few other things. I sort of grew up in a place similar, and the girls in the movie reminded of the young ladies I grew up with. If you see it how you’re writing a song, dialogue is the voice. Not everything sounds good because you have to let the dialogue speak to you, and speak for itself musically. That’s been my whole journey with music — I’ve always had great teachers, so hopefully that keeps manifesting. What’s the best memory about working with her on that album? Just life changes, like, changing management, cleaning up people around me.Inspired by his new "gospedelic" approach, he captured a new sound for himself while recording material between Oakland and Sacramento.The end result was Instant Vintage, which earned five Grammy nominations in 2003.

I grew up playing piano lessons and [in] jazz band, I did a lot of Broadway stuff in school and I had great teachers there. She said, “I want you to score this movie, , these are just the beginning. People really need to have something that they can call theirs. I’ve been working with other people for a long time.Veteran hip-hop stars DE LA SOUL are heading back to college - as speakers on black culture.The TOYOTA-sponsored THE PAST, THE PRESENT, THE FUTURE tour, which will kick off next month (MAR05), will...The blaxploitation era-referencing Ray Ray and the '60s-flavored The Way I See It followed, respectively, in 20; the latter was nominated for three Grammys.Stone Rollin' was released in 2011, just after Saadiq and his band of the same name backed Mick Jagger for a Grammy Awards perfomance of Solomon Burke's "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love." The album maintained Saadiq's streak of throwback-oriented releases.

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I’m not a stranger to the orchestral world, though. Kasi Lemmons is a great director, and I’m a huge fan of her work. I was on the road, on tour, and she met me in Boston early in the morning. There was so much work put into it, and lots of great subjects and instrumentation.

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