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Neither this Commonwealth nor any school or admitting official shall be liable in damages to any person for complying with this section.

The parent or guardian of the child objects thereto on the grounds that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with his religious tenets or practices, unless an emergency or epidemic of disease has been declared by the Board; 2.

"Documentary proof" means written certification that a student has been immunized, such certificate to be on a form provided by the State Department of Health and signed by the licensed immunizing physician or an employee of the immunizing local health department.

"Student" means any person who seeks admission to a school, or for whom admission to a school is sought by a parent or guardian, and who will not have attained the age of 20 years by the start of the school term for which admission is sought.

HPV is a virus that can cause cancer for both males and females, and is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, most commonly through sexual contact. In 2011, a Florida bill was introduced to require the Department of Health to add HPV as a recommended immunization, and require schools to provide the vaccine, but that bill did not pass.

Some public health experts believe mandating HPV vaccination in the “early years” could be too soon, the CDC reports.

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All children, both boy and girl, between the ages of 11 and 12 would need to receive the vaccination.

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