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**Melbourne Cup Day is not a public holiday in all areas.

Some regions observe a different holiday for Melbourne Cup instead.

Urgent business in relation to proceedings brought in the Commercial Court are heard by the Commercial Court Duty Judge. A trial judge sitting in the Practice Court (Common Law) will hear all urgent applications including: A trial judge sitting in the Practice Court (Common Law) will also hear some other non-urgent applications including formal matters, such as swearing in of interstate practitioners, court reporters, transcribers and interpreters, and applications under the (Vic).

Urgent applications will be directly listed for hearing in the Practice Court (Common Law).

Examples of regions that replace the Melbourne Cup holiday with their own regional public holiday include Moyne Shire, Warrnambool City, Macedon Ranges, Wodonga, Geelong & Bendigo.

Disclaimer: The Victoria Public Holidays website is operated as a service to those looking to get an idea of when holidays are occurring.

Detailed information about procedure in the Practice Court (Common Law) can be found in Practice Note SC CL 10 Practice Court (Common Law).

To book a time in the Practice Court (Common Law) please complete the Application Information Form and email the form to [email protected]

The form has provision for you to request specific dates for hearing of your matter. The Practice Court Coordinator will contact you via email to let you know of your confirmed date or liaise with you for alternative dates for the hearing.

Antique engagement rings are a wonderful piece of history that need extra care and attention due to their more delicate nature.

When cared for properly, antique engagement rings will last several lifetimes!

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Serve Residential Tenancies Hub notices only by hand or by registered post.

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