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“Granny joked that she’ll have to take out a mortgage for Octobers because she’ll have five grandchildren celebrating birthdays in the month,” he added.

Seamus believes the identical dates are a pure coincidence, while their eldest boy Torin (7) was also an autumn baby, having been born on September 27th.

Their delighted father now imagines future birthday parties are going to be “mayhem”.

Torin, Samera and Tameka are all excited to have two new siblings to care for, while mechanic Seamus and stay-at-home mum Elizabeth will be counting on their young helpers.

“They can’t wait to get them home to start feeding them,” Seamus said.

RELATED: Two sets of identical twins marry in India, with twin priests and twin flower girls "I actually hope that my twins have the same special bond my twin sister and I have," Bunker told KSL.

"And I hope they always treat them as best friends and people to confide to and I hope they always have a close relationship like my twin sister and I." The Bunkers also have another child, Sadie, so the two couples now have a combined nine children who are five years old or younger.

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“It’s like a wheelbarrow now, it’s all in front of us,” he added.

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