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The steppes, deserts, mountains and gleaming blue-tiled cities tell a story of trade and conquest.

Join us in 2018 on the road to Khiva, Bukhara and fabulous Samarkand; cities built to dazzle the travellers who have passed by for thousands of years.

As part of our tour we visit the Ismail Samani Mausoleum, a dazzling example of Samanid architecture, and the Poi Kalyon religious complex, a gleaming collection of sacred buildings, so transcendent that not even Ghengis Khan could not bring himself to destroy it.

Step into a world of Arabian Nights made real: we spend a whole day in Khiva, with its narrow alleys, graceful minarets and thriving markets.

Khiva was the center of an independent Uzbek Khanate until it was captured by the Russians in the 19th century.

We enjoy special access to ongoing excavations at the ruined city of Paykent today.

Once a rival to Bukhara, Paykent was established in around the 14th century BC, and flourished as a trading post for the Silk Road in the 7th century.

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In the morning we visit the world-renowned Savitsky Museum, which contains some of the richest collections of artefacts in Central Asia.

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