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Interestingly enough, Samsung applied for its smart contacts patent in 2014, the same year Google received patents in the U. Companies frequently file patents for inventions they're prototyping and developing that many never see the light of day.

Google has invented a new smart contact lens with an integrated camera.

To read the full patent and piece the tech together for yourself, click here.

In the future, we could all be wearing smart contact lenses, like the ones secret agents use in movies.

Samsung is exploring a smart contact lens concept that puts an embedded display and camera right in front of users' eyeballs.

It’s clear aperture control, zoom, stabilization, and focus control is included in the system Sony is proposing, but it’s not entirely clear if different types of blinking would let you alter those settings.

Because an imaging sensor, by definition, has to absorb light, it wouldn’t be transparent — but it could probably be color matched to your iris, so that your eyes don’t look too freaky.

As you can probably imagine, there are some rather amazing applications if you have two cameras embedded in your contact lenses.

It's also worth stressing that this seems to be merely a patent application.

Contrary to reports from other publications, the patent doesn't seem to have yet been granted.

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