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In May 2007, Kristal, the on-screen girlfriend of General Manager Theodore Long, convinced him to give Guerrero an interview for the position as his assistant.A week after the interview, Vickie was given the job. , Vickie acted as interim general manager of Smack Down! She was soon named the maid of honor at Long and Kristal's "wedding". , from Long's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Long suffered a kayfabe heart attack during his wedding to Kristal before they had legally wed.They are yet to say anything on the matter, so all we can do is wait for that to happen soon.Dolph's most prominent relationship was with WWE manager and former General manager of Smack Down, Vickie Guerrero.The following week, Vince Mc Mahon named Vickie the new General Manager. , she "punished" Edge for his interference in the championship match at the Survivor Series by making him the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, before revealing that she had begun a romantic relationship with him and had facilitated his "plan" to regain the belt.

On November 13, 2005, Eddie Guerrero died of heart failure in his Minneapolis hotel room and was found by his nephew Chavo.

One of her first acts as part of the new group was to help Chavo win the ECW Championship from CM Punk.

At the Royal Rumble, Vickie interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Edge and Rey Mysterio, allowing Edge to retain his title.

The professional wrestler is quite famous not only because of his career but also of his affairs; from keeping relationships with big internet personalities to dating his own co-wrestlers from WWE. Dolph Ziggler started out his career as an amateur wrestler in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Dolph got linked in a string of multiple relationships is past but is he with someone at present? His career reached its highest peak when he entered the WWE.

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At the end of December, she interfered in a US Championship match between Chavo and Benoit, which caused Chavo to lose and Benoit to retain the title.

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