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Just ask the man who actually aims to dominate what has become the Spirituality Business. Make no mistake, Tolle seems intent on being at the very top of that domain. I recalled recently, a time when he and I took a train ride together and how we laughed about things. On that train ride, I had another friend with us who made him laugh so hard as she was telling him about what a pain I was to live with. As far as the money, since he got hooked in with Oprah for all those months, he would have made many tens of millions, with all of those products he has for sale.One was his telling me about his long, painful trip on a Greyhound bus to Mount Shasta. Eckhart literally slid down the seat to the floor, he was laughing so hard. Power corrupts, and the fame, money and adulation will go to anyone's head.The mindfulness practices and meditation is non-religious but inspiring for spiritual and secular people alike. Hey all, I have not written anything on this site in a good while--I also couldn't help but notice this newer "thread"--but if I may--to reiterate my dismay and alarm at my old friend, Eckhart--as happenstance has it, I came across an article today posted on one of my favorite websites--it's an article that USA TODAY put out TODAY--and there's an excerpt where the reporter describes Eckhart's features-but it's where he/she states:..."ice blue eyes that match his Jaguar" I had to laugh. If that doesn't tell you who the guy really is...As one who was truly wizened, stated: "By their deeds you shall know them" Truly.I believe anyone with an ability to discern should pay very close attention to that one. And when you know things from both sides, there's just that added chill... Often mere mortals are completely blind to their own pathology.

So the Tolle PR people are trying to deflect away from the MILLIONS being made and socked away somewhere. I am in this particular mood on this beautiful day today and I must answer you: You are exquisitely smart. Next he'll start spouting off on how to create "peace in the middle east".

There are serious backroom deals that went down to get Oprah to promote various books, as that made millions for the publishers, like Simon-Shuster.

When Oprah promoted Tolle, didn't they also at the same time promote some type of Post-it hi-lighter pen? They sell junky ideas the same way they sell junky products with a huge mark-up and lots of profits.

On another occasion, he and I were meeting for lunch and he was so excited. At the Eckhart Tolle events, he is now a Rockstar, and when he speaks, hundreds sit in rapt attention to whatever he is talking about.

He took me by the hand and brought me inside this intruiging shop that had a moveable map of the world where simultaneously all time zones were illustrated in a most beautiful way--with light and dark shades of blue moving like waves in the depiction. But if one sits back and thinks about it, what DROVE Eckhart Tolle to promote his own career so intensely? He was a very ambitious man, who wanted to get his books, and many other products for sale out there, all carrying his images.

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Tolle has made millions, probably tens of millions since Oprah, he can afford his own houses, and probably owns his own private islands at this point.

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