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The decision has for now spared the once-beloved actor from a potential decade behind bars, and comes at the end of over 50 hours of deliberation by the jury in Norristown, PA, which first went to Judge Steven O’Neill on June 15 to say it was deadlocked – at that time he told them to “try again,” which they’ve done for the past two days.

ANNOUNCEMENT) A mistrial has been declared today in Bill Cosby’s criminal trial for the 2004 rape of Andrea Constand.

Later on Tuesday, the jurors had another question of clarification, wanting to know what the phrase “without the knowledge” meant.

O’Neill responded he couldn’t define the phrase for them.

The first time was on June 12, when the jurors wanted context around how Cosby referred to the Benadryl pills he gave Constand; the judge read to them the portion of the actor’s deposition from the 2005 civil case where Cosby called the pills “little friends.” Almost first thing on Thursday, the jury sought to look over police statements Constand made in 2005 and was read to again from Cosby’s 2005 deposition.

That day the jurors heard from Judge O’Neill for about 45 minutes as he read the portions of the deposition centering on the night in question and the sequence of events.

The trio of charges Cosby faced and could face again break down to “penetration, however slight” of Constand without her consent, that penetration happened while Constand was “unconscious or the defendant knows the complainant is unaware that the penetration is occurring,” and giving the victim an intoxicating drug for “the purpose of preventing resistance.” On the stand for nearly 10 hours on June 6-7, Constand recollected in sometimes graphic detail what happened in Cosby’s home, the “mentor” relationship she thought she had with the actor beforehand, his previous passes at her, and the aftermath of the alleged assault.

Having charged Cosby in late 2015, just before the Keystone State’s statute of limitations on sex crimes was about to expire, a mistrial is a huge defeat for the office of the Montgomery County D. and Steele personally right now, regardless of any future retrial.Well over the point of 20 hours of deliberation, the jurors had another question later on Wednesday, wanting to hear the testimony of Cheltenham Township County police Sgt.Richard Schaffer and his initial interview with Cosby in 2005 in New York after Constand and her family contacted Pennsylvania authorities about the alleged assault.However, throughout the trial and in their closing argument, the defense centered on the admittedly close relationship Constand said she had with Cosby, how she finally got in touch with police more than a year later, and why she delayed in reporting the alleged rape.Since going into deliberations Monday, the jury sought clarification on several separate occasions.

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