12 year age difference dating

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Most of the issues we ran into, we the bigoted opinions of others and people thinking I was out with my Dad.

Can a man who is turning 34 successfully date a woman who is 24/25? I think perhaps had this relationship happened when I was in my 40's/50's, others wouldn't have reacted so strongly to it but I was 17 when we first got together and he was 35 and I think many thought he had abused his position as an adult when in fact, it was likely the most equal relationship I've ever had.

I do find it skeevy if you're just looking for a younger woman for shallow or egoistic reason.

Age is just a number, but if it's something that doesn't feel right or is awkward, that's a sign that something is off. If you're compatible and have things in common, it won't be a big deal.

If there is some reservation on either parties behalf though, it will show.

Make sure you know how she feels about dating an older guy.

Big age differences only matter when the two individuals lives are at different stages. it can work as there are differing levels'of maturity in all age ranges.

So as long as both of their hearts and passion is there then it'll work. Male fertility also tends to decline with age as in sperm depreciate, so wouldn't a younger man be her best shot, health and energy/stamina wise? My boyfriend is 6 (almost 7) years younger than I am (he's 20's, I'm 30's) and you would never know there was an age difference whatsoever and we work well together on every level ;)Good luck! I was dating a 22 yr old who had common interests and was more mature than POF women my age tend to be.

It all comes down to both working hard at making it work and it doesn't matter how much older/younger they are then yourself.^^^I don't get why a man 55 years of age makes "the best shot"?? A lot of generation X'ers are having mental issues approaching 40.34 is not that much diff. Like others have said if the age range is 10 years or less it's really about what life stage you are at.

So she decided to get with a 22 years older then her because he gave her the best shot for that.

She constantly tells my sister that she may not be crazy about him and he's not exactly great in the sack but it's her best shot. If you're both wanting the same things, are at the same place in your lives and have amazing chemistry it could be a beautiful thing.

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