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Brand was later taken to a diner, where she had the “opportunity to call her stepmother for help,” prosecutors said. Schwartz of Garden City, denied all of the charges against Cumia and said Brand is Cumia’s girlfriend, and that Brand lives in his New York City apartment.

The dispute was the result of a disagreement between the two, he said.

Jon Stewart and Anthony Cumia had an epic swearing-match at an New York comedy club, Radar can reveal.

When Cumia, 56, went to shake the former talk show host’s hand, he was met with Stewart firing expletives at him.

“I wouldn’t shake your f***** hand if you paid me,” Stewart roared. ” Cumia, being held back by his girlfriend and former Howard Stern alum Steve Grillo, yelled: “I wouldn’t expect less from you, you phony, f***** Hollywood ass****!

According to court papers, the dispute started early Saturday after the girlfriend, identified during the hearing as Danielle Brand, commented about a “former dating partner” of Cumia.

Brand suffered a fractured rib, swollen arm and chest pain, prosecutors said.

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A video went viral after it surfaced on You Tube appearing to show the argument between Cumia and Brand, during which she accuses the broadcaster of breaking one of her ribs.

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