Dating for parents with special needs children

However, your situation is very different from most single parents.

Again, you got some good things going and are very humbled, so you will land somebody good. If you want to date then you should date, you've earned your dinner and movie, go out and enjoy your life you'll be a better mother for it.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.i find it extreamly hard to find anyone i like and when i do, it seems they don't contact me back or don't like me.i do think if i was just single it would be alot easier or a mummy with a non disabled child, as quite alot of people are already put of knowing you have a child and then knowing that child is disabled seems to put them more of.

there are some really nice people out there who say what a fantastic job your doing, but it's not a job, it's what i do to make my son's life better for him.i am a single mummy at the age of 21 and my son is coming up to 4 this june, he is severly disabled e.g cannot eat, drink, walk, talk, sit, stand, hold his own head, he is like a 3 month old mentally, and his condition is terminal.i've being on this site for the past 2 years and i have met a few guys, from this website, but i find it so hard to date as i only have a break if my son is in respite, which is normally once a week but sometimes he may not go if he's ill, or in question is, how do you date when you have a disabled number one priority before anyone or anything is my son and he will always come first I'm sorry to read that and I hope this doesn't come across as rude or harsh, I'm not a sugar coat type of guy, Amy you have challenges, I mean you're 21 years old , with a disabled child that needs constant care.

You might to screen men before you actually decide to meet them..will keep from you wasting on losers only out for one they feel about kids that should be at the top of your list.thanks guys, i dont like guys my age anyway as they are alot more immature, and they are just after one thing, i like the ae range of 24-27 lol, but i think it may take time to find mr right, maybe one day i might lol, but at the min i'm thinking from some comments the best thing is to just leave dating for a while xx Your 21 years old!!!! don't let someone judge and call you a neglectful mother just cause your young, that's crap.

Even WITHOUT a child you shouldn't be here looking for "another". Here's my experience with dating with a special needs kid.

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Most of the person's time and energy is focused on the child's needs and it can be hard to watch if a person dating you is not used to being around a child with special needs or is used to the distractions that would take place due to the caring of the child.

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