Video dating a gamer

Those who play video games regularly are split roughly equal between male and female, but men are more likely to call themselves a 'Gamer.' A female gamer/gamer girl is any female who regularly engages in playing video games.

Usage of user names is most prevalent in games with online multiplayer support, or at electronic sport conventions.

They are most commonly found in online multi-player games in which one team can face off against another.

Clans can also be formed to create loosely based affiliations perhaps by all being fans of the same game or merely gamers who have close personal ties to each other.

The games are played on the original hardware, on modern hardware via emulation, or on modern hardware via ports or compilations (though those 'in the hobby' tend toward original hardware and emulation).

The MDA framework describes various aspects of the game regarding the basic rules and actions (Mechanics), how they build up during game to develop the gameplay (Dynamics), and what emotional response they convey to the player (Aesthetics).

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