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These gamers are usually in an online league such as the Cyberathlete Amateur League (C. L.) and their parent company the Cyberathlete Professional League (C. L.) where all grouped players were labeled as teams and not clans.A clan or guild is a group of players that form, usually under an informal 'leader' or administrator.These categories are sometimes separated by level of dedication to gaming, sometimes by primary type of game played, and sometimes by a combination of those and other factors.

The same study shows that 48% of game purchasers are female. Some critics have advocated use of the label as a reappropriated term, while others see it as nondescriptive or perpetuating the minority position of female gamers.Clans are often formed by gamers with similar interests; many clans or guilds form to connect an 'offline' community that might otherwise be isolated due to geographic, cultural or physical barriers.Some clans are composed of professional gamers, who enter competitive tournaments for cash or other prizes; most, however, are simply groups of like-minded players that band together for a mutual purpose (for example, a gaming-related interest or social group).Many supporters of Gamergate oppose what they view as the increasing influence of feminism on video game culture; as a result, Gamergate is often viewed as a right-wing backlash against progressivism.According to Brendan Keogh, these are inherently masculine activities such as fighting and exerting dominance.

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