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This book assumes that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts behind object-relational mapping (such as domain modeling) and SQL.A domain model represents the various entities in a system and their relationships. A simple domain model of this application can be expressed in UML as follows.The cursor is terminated when the If there is a single customer with first name "mickey" and he has five accounts, the above snippet results in six database hits.The first hit is to fetch the record for mickey (line 1).One common case where this can happen is if the database is sharded.

This book is written for Java programmers who want to use Reladomo for object-relational mapping.

When adding a custom constructor make sure to call the no-arg constructor.

is invoked, Reladomo normally constructs a SQL query and executes it against the database. If the object has been cached in memory, Reladomo will return the cached object instead of hitting the database.

When a finder that returns a list is invoked, the entire list is forced into memory. In such cases, it is better to iterate over the list with a cursor.

The snippet below iterates over the first hundred Customers.

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