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Have you ever met a man who didn’t like action movies? Good seems easy to us, while bad seems more like a challenge; men love challenges. What we don’t realize is that we are targeting the easier prey.

These girls aren’t as good in bed because they simply aren’t overly adventurous. Men will always try to use that against them, but they’re just jealous.

The best way to explain it would be like this: To men, bad girls are like a bucket of spicy buffalo wings – you know you’re going to regret digging into it, but it just tastes so good. Men don’t like to picture relationships too far down the line because a lot of us have some level of commitment issues.

Good girls, on the other hand, are the equivalent of a quinoa salad – it’s good for you, it’s the healthier decision and it grows on you. Most men probably aren’t as extreme, but they do like mystery. If men all got wiser, then all the good girls would be scooped up in an instant.

We'll see as she's still quite green and might keep improving.

"This is supposed to be a lead-up race to the Queen's Vase and that would be an option but it is an extra furlong this year.

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Unfortunately, four times out of five, men will go for that wing. We’re talking about the mother of our kids after all.

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