Consolidating citi bank student loans

The Federal Student Loans, unlike the private loans, would comfortably rest on a fixed interest rate, and the consolidation would not require a credit check of any kind.At this current moment in history, however, Chase no longer provides federal student loans.“Depending on the type of consolidation, there are firms that will negotiate any sort of debt that’s out there,” said Rod Griffin, director of consumer education for the credit bureau Experian.“There may be restrictions by the lender, but generally, most debts can be consolidated or settled.” You can take out a personal loan to pay off existing debts and then work to pay off that loan over time.

You can consolidate most federal student loans with a Direct Consolidation Loan, which you can read more about here.There are also a variety of private lenders that will allow you to consolidate either private or federal student loans.By using debt consolidation loans, you can save considerably — sometimes up to 40 percent of the total debt.“It really depends on the person and the type of debt,” Germano said.“A debt consolidation loan can help you manage your payments easier and less stressfully.

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