Dating vintage christening gowns

You’ll also hear it used to refer to baptisms, weddings and funerals, the corresponding services offered by the Church.

Now the American Museum in Britain, located idyllically on the southern outskirts of Bath, has tweaked the term for its latest exhibition, Hatched, Matched, Dispatched – & Patched!

Gr = Group--* leaving last lp of each st on hk, work 1 dtr around post of ea of next 4 sts *, sk next sc, rep from * to * once more (there are 9 lps on hk), yo and draw thru all lps on hk, ch 1 to close.

Instructions: Skirt: Worked in one piece to underarm, beg at lower edge. Foundation row: Sc in 2nd ch from hk, * sc in ea of next 2 ch, sk 3 ch, (Cl, ch 1 ) 4 times in next ch, Cl in same ch, sk 3 ch, sc in ea of next 3 ch; rep from * across, turn all rows.

This beautiful and delicate crocheted Christening dress, finishing techniques and photos were kindly contributed by: Brenda Mc Afee mailto:[email protected] Copyright © 2002 Brenda Mc Afee.

Round 2: Ch 1, *sc in loop, shell (shell is 8dc) in next loop, sc in next loop, ch 5* rep from * to * around, ending with ch 2, dc in first sc instead of last loop of 5 ch.Work Rows 1 --4 for Pat St until skirt measures 22" from beg, end Row 3.Next Row: Ch 3, sc in first ch 5 sp, * ch 2, sc in next ch 5 sp; rep from * to last ch 5 sp, sc in last ch 5 sp, ch 2, sc in last sc.Next Row: Ch 3, * tr in sp bet next 2 dc; rep from * across, end tr in sp bet last dc and turning ch.Divide For Front and Backs as follows: Left Back: Row 1: Ch 2, (dc in sp bet next 2 tr) 19 times, turn--20 sts.

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Round 3: Ch 1, *sc in ch 5 loop, dc in next dc, (picot, dc in next dc) 7 times* rep from * to * around. Picot is worked with ch 3, slip st in 1st ch Finishing: I sewed 3mm pearls along the neckline to embellish. Weave ribbon through spaces in sleeve between the sleeve and edging. Sew buttons evenly spaced on the back of the gown for closure.

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