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Two different types of questionnaires, having similar approach, were circulated to 60 corporate and development sector organizations in Karachi using convenient sampling method.

Respondents were head of public affairs and corporate communication functions, CSR representatives in the corporate sector and heads of NGOs in addition to sustain-ability consultants who are involved in CSR ope-rations and partnership development.

A heartening find is the organizations’ focus on internal CSR that relates to employee welfare (79 percent) and employee volunteering (59 percent) in community development and welfare activities. Worthy Causes for CSR In search of finding whether organizations are inclined only towards the popular CSR causes or are willing to consider controversial yet worthy causes, five such causes were presented to them and following are the results: With few exceptions, corporate and development organizations unanimously showed their motivation to support the controversial causes.

However, they were of the opinion that CSR for these causes should be initiated cautiously and through a forum so that resources are pooled to achieve greater benefits and no corporate sector organization could be singled out as it may cause controversies for them. Preferred Areas for Funding In response to the preferred areas to conduct CSR activities, organizations responded in the following manner: An equal focus on environment conservation (82 percent), education (82 percent) followed by general healthcare (79 percent), women empowerment and rural development (76 percent), each signifies the importance of these areas for CSR, especially in Pakistan where the government fails to improve upon their state of affairs.

The process of survey tool deve-lopment involved the following steps: 1.

Creation A literature review from available local and foreign published scholastic work was made.

Top Attributes of The Best CSR Partner Both corporate and development sector was asked to mention key attributes of their current best CSR partner.

The top collective responses were: It is interesting to observe that the opposite of mentioned ‘Top Attributes’ are the identified ‘Key issues in forging CSR partnerships’.

A list of key issues, factors and trends was hence developed through literature review and surveying the local industry.

Having this stretched out spectrum of deliverables, CSR has grown to be multidimensional in its approach, widespread in its impact and strategic in its nature.

Keeping in view the spread of CSR as an auxiliary function to business, a sensitization survey was recently conducted to explore the current trends of CSR.

Types of CSR Interventions This survey question focused on the types of csr intervention organisations engage in: The highest rating of corporate philanthropy (100 percent) by organizations in the survey findings is depictive of the philanthropic inclination of Pakistani society in general.

Project-based CSR activities (85 percent) reveals increasing trend towards having outcome-based CSR activities.

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