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However, insufficiency of local surveys on the CSR trends compelled to draw upon experts’ knowledge for development of a cognitive framework. Contextualization Expert interviews were taken where they were asked to reflect upon their experience and identify issues, areas and factors that should be considered to undertake the survey. The experts comprised from both business and social organizations. Operationalization A prototype of the cognitive framework was then designed based on the two above and was pre-tested in a smaller sample for validity.

A list of key issues, factors and trends was hence developed through literature review and surveying the local industry.

A positive focus on support of culture and heritage (68 percent) through CSR activities presents a healthy orientation of the local CSR approach. Driving factors to perform CSR: Corporate Sector Mentioning the motivations and driving factors to get into CSR activities, corporate sector mentioned the following: The development sector has a different set of motivations to get into CSR activities, which are: Business strategy and company policy (78 percent), community welfare (67 percent), company goodwill (61 percent) for the corporate sector and cause promotion (88 percent), drive for diversified funding (81 percent) and opportunity for co-branding (75 percent) came out as top motivations and drivers to get into CSR activities.

Dissimilarity is evident in the motivational factors between the corporate and development organizations. Key issues in Forging Credible CSR Partnerships A list of 11 factors was developed and shared with the respondents in order to find out key partnership issues that inhibit credible CSR partnerships.

Both primary and secondary sources were consulted during the survey.The process of survey tool deve-lopment involved the following steps: 1.Creation A literature review from available local and foreign published scholastic work was made.Their advice was in your face, but it was honest and helpful.While our styles might be different, our mission is similar to Lex and Terry’s: to help people, especially daters, overcome whatever challenge they happen to be facing.

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