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There are certain issues that foriegners in Argentina are likely to experience dating locals.Here’s the roundup, but beware — sweeping generalizations to follow.

Castellano includes an endless amount of slang, a lot of it sex-related, which can be utterly unintelligible to anyone who’s learned Spanish elsewhere.He will hold doors for you, not because he thinks you are an inferior creature, but because it’s tradition.You should be wary if he tries to invite you to his home too soon for “dinner” or doesn’t take much care arranging the dates.Is it just me or is the mere thought of dating Argentinian men kind of appealing? Most men and women live at home till finishing university and usually for a while longer.Maybe it’s the tango, the accent, or the hot temper, but there is something to be said about Argentinian men, isn’t there? You might have to repeat the phrase ‘no’ repeatedly if someone isn’t to your liking. This means that some men leave their mother’s nest at the ripe age of thirty.

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As mentioned he will also likely be passionate right from the start so expect to get complimented.

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