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At least three changes to neck design were made on the tenor during the 1950s and 1960s, and once again in the 1970s.Some contend that the neck design changes account for the different tonal and playing qualities between earlier and later Mark VI's.

Some uncertainty surrounds the process and actual timing of the transition from Mark VI to Mark VII altos and tenors.Selmer's General Manager Jerome Selmer has confirmed that all Mark VIes were manufactured from industry-standard "cartridge brass" stock and that Selmer never recycled shell casings.The "Official" Serial number guide issued by Selmer was not exact and Selmer never meant for it to be so.Some French-assembled Mark VI's lack any engraving other than the brand stamp.Nickel or silver-plated keys with a lacquer-finish body were offered among the French-assembled horns.

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