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By the mid-1970s, there was widespread sympathy among homosexual activist groups for lowering the age of consent for all sexual activities (partially due to the disparate ages of consent for same-sex and opposite-sex sexual activity), These tensions and antagonisms continued among activist circles until the 1980s; however, since the 1970s, gay liberationist groups promoting frontline advocacy against the age of consent were falling into decline.Two final states legislating their ages of consent into the 15–18 range were Georgia and Hawaii, from 14, raised in 19, respectively. Georgia was the most notoriously resistant state to raising its age of consent in the early 1900s.In 1978 the petition was discussed in a broadcast by radio France Culture in the program "Dialogues", with the transcript later published under the title Sexual Morality and the Law in a book by Michel Foucault.The participants, including Foucault, play-writer/actor Jean Danet and novelist/gay activist Guy Hocquenghem had all signed the petition.Organized efforts have ranged from academic discussions to political petitions.There have been many initiatives to raise the age of consent.In Alabama in 2012 State Representative Mac Mc Cutcheon sponsored a bill to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18 in the state legislature. Georgia's age of consent was 10 until 1918, and even then the age of consent was only raised to 14.

Groups advocating pedophilia and the abolishment of age of consent laws include NAMBLA in the United States and Vereniging Martijn in the Netherlands.Several organisations in them have been involved with pro-pedophile activism in the past; only a few of these still exist today.) do not make it legal for a person below the age of consent to have sex with a slightly older person, but may exempt the older partner from sex offender registration.1 single on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart that June.Age of consent reform is efforts to change age of consent laws.

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