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To install Web Server Plug-ins for IBM Web Sphere Applications Server: -list Available [-verbose] -list Enabled Profile -profile Name App Srv01 [-verbose] -list Enabled Profile All [-verbose] -enable Profile -profile Name App Srv01 -sdkname 1.7_64 -enable Servers -enable Profile All -sdkname 1.7_64 -enable Servers -get New Profile Default [-verbose] -set New Profile Default -sdkname 1.7_64 -get Command Default [-verbose] -set Command Default -sdkname 1.7_64 The following shows sample returned information.

If Profiles Already Exist, Enable the Profiles to use the Version 7.0 SDK If profiles already exist, use this command to enable the profiles to use the version 7.0 SDK: New tool functionality with IBM Web Sphere 8.5 includes the requirement to install the Web Sphere Customization Toolbox.

If you are using Web Sphere Application Server and running JD Edwards Enterprise One as part of a federated (or clustered) web server, you may need to regenerate the Web Sphere global plugin configuration after deploying the newest tools release.

This is required when new servlets have been added to the tools release you are deploying.

Fix Pack 8.5.5 can be installed as a new installation or an update.

For purposes of this procedure, all references are to release 8.5, but you can substitute 8.5.5 where applicable.

As an alternative, you can use the advanced profile creation option to automatically create a web server, but this must be done all of the other software components described in this guide are installed and updated to the correct level.

This procedure assumes you are creating a new profile at this time so that you can verify your installation.

If you create your profile now, you will need to manually define the web server before configuring the plug-in later in this chapter.The availability of the updated version depends on the current promotion of that version (Maintenance, Test, or Production), and the type of device attempting to access it (Maintenance Device, Update Device, Test Device, or Production Device).Updating images for devices that use a personal v Disk, must be done on a virtual machine that does not have a personal v Disk attached.Otherwise, updates are saved to the personal v Disk image rather than the virtual machine image.Beginning with JD Edwards Enterprise One Tools Release 9.1 Update 2.3, the IBM Web Sphere Application Server Release 8.5 is supported.

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