Are beck and cat dating on victorious dating with children involved

Why would Trina's parents willingly and knowingly let her audition, when it was obvious just how terrible she was?

So, let me see if i'm getting this: in the first half of the episode, Jade is anxious to confront Tori and Beck to know what they're up to.

There is only so much disbelief an audience can suspend.

Ponnie says she came after Tori because she got expelled to make room for her.

He breaks up with this girl and goes back to Jade because he wants a girl that presents a challenge.

The episode seems to imply that these two girls are the only choices he has.

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I just hope that the title of this episode means something else and they don't get back together because, Beck is in love with Tori, that would be great and they end up together and Jade would be okay with it because, she isn't into him no more.

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