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Penguins are those who are gaining confidence with their walking (12-18 months), koalas are our climbers (18-24 months), wallabies are our beginning jumpers (24-30 months) and kangaroos are our big jumpers (30-36 months).Each class begins in our mat room when we all sing the ‘hello’ song together.I am Evelyn,single,have no kid,dont smoke nor drink, never been married before,i am very honesty,kind,loyal,open-minded,straight-forward and very understandable woman looking for serious relationship Meet Beautiful Ghana Girls.You have to make intelligent decisions and quite frankly I don't have money laying around to give away. Start dating someone who shares the same interests you do by opening an account with us today.

We balance, tumble, roll, crawl and leap around the mat.The class also incorporates massage (so important for physical and emotional well-being), small equipment to enhance manipulation skills and hand-eye-foot coordination, and the social, rhythmical enjoyment of dance.Mat time includes our special treasure bag time which follows the theme for the term.Carers also get a handout on the neurological theme for the week to enhance their knowledge on child development appropriate to the age of their child.Penguins: 12-18 months • Stands freely without holding on • Walks – usually with a wide stance • Starts to run, arms out for balance, eyes fixed on the ground • Rides a push-a-long using both feet • Hangs by hands • Loves climbing • Loves to be held by feet and hung upside down • Puts hands down for the parachute reflex • Moves forward for objects while in the wheelbarrow position, being held at hips or thighs • Utters first words • Follows one-step commands • Climbs stairs with assistance from adult • Enjoys simple picture books Koalas: 1½ – 2 years • Runs with smooth stride and balance • Bobs (bent knees) • Begins to jump – usually not with feet together • Throws with two hands • Moves forward for wheelbarrows when held at thighs or knees • Drawls line and dots • Hangs from overhead ladder.

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We have a definite routine (so loved and important for young children) that allows us to concentrate on gross and fine motor development, balance and coordination, music and dance, and climbing and tumbling.

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