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They grew up in Riverdale and spent their entire lives together, never separated. When they were younger, Cheryl always insisted on having a separate birthday despite the fact that she and Jason were twins, until one year, he convinced her to combine their birthdays into one.

It wasn't until years later that Cheryl discovered that the reason for this was because no one wanted to attend her birthday and he didn't want her to be hurt.

In Tokyo, the sample tree is located at Yasukuni Shrine.

Jason and Cheryl were twins born to Cliff and Penelope Blossom.

On Japan's southern, subtropical islands of Okinawa, cherry blossoms open as early as January, while on the northern island of Hokkaido, they bloom as late as May.

In most major cities in between, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the cherry blossom season typically takes place in early April.

Scopri di più anche sulle opzioni di scelta disponibili: Normativa sui cookie.Some of them used interpreters at their expense not mine to translate letters.Trust me on this, you must have a language in common to really have a relationship. Travel to the Philippines or to China is going to cost a few grand for a week.Of course, not every tree in a city opens on the same day, as trees in shadowy places, for example, can bloom several days later than trees in sunny places.For this reason, a representative sample tree is selected to define the date of kaika (the opening of the first blossoms) for a whole city.

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Another week later, the blooming peak is over and the blossoms are falling from the trees.

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