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At which point, her tonsils and adenoids were removed, her breathing improved, her appetite increased and before she knew it, she was a chubby kid.And yet, her weight didn't become a real concern until she turned sweet 16, and her dad was diagnosed with melanoma.In fact, Johnston told Michaels in no uncertain terms to back off. Johnston never felt happier, but she's learning there's no such thing as happily (or slimly) ever after."Yelling at me doesn't work," she told the trainer, "it breaks me down." Michael's winning ways eventually won out and Johnston realized: "She's not trying to be hurtful, she really wants to help. She may have gone from 374 to 191 in seven months, but Johnston fully expected to keep going to her goal weight of 150 pounds.One reason Ashley and her mom Sherry teamed up for "The Biggest Loser": To find closure on the death of Ashley's dad and Sherry's husband."My dad was hard on me about my weight," Ashley says."He knew it was hard for me to be made fun of [by the other kids], but he didn't express it the right way. While she never had the chance to forgive her dad before he died, she got the opportunity on the show. Like so many dieters, Johnston had tried everything and nothing worked.

I especially wanted to know about her weight-loss journey.

"But," she adds, "if you fix the inside, I guarantee the outside will follow." 7.

The tough-love training tactics were initially tough to take, but ultimately life-changing.

While dating, they would often spend evenings along the lake, talking about anything and everything over a picnic.

As the sun set over the water, it was a joy to witness the kindness and gentleness they so easily extend to each other.

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