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I have not written much in the past 2 weeks because we (U. Breaking news) were in negotiations – and have been following major leads in the “The Looting of the Upper Peninsula Coca-Cola King” – whose estate is missing millions and millions of dollars – plus missing luxury cars and more.

Happ's lawyer, Eric Pinkard of St Petersburg, said there were no late motions to stay the execution.

'I wish to offer my most sincere, heartfelt apology.

I have prayed for the good Lord to forgive me for my sins.

But Florida and other death penalty states that use a trio of drugs as part of their injection procedures have been running out of pentobarbital since its manufacturer clamped a ban on its use in future executions.'The three-drug process depends on the first drug rendering the inmate unconscious and, if he is only partially unconscious, the inmate could be experiencing extreme pain,' he added.

'Because the second drug paralyzes him, he would be unable to cry out or show that he's in pain.'The 51-year-old Happ, who had abandoned his appeals and said he was ready to die, was condemned for the 1986 abduction, rape and murder of Angie Crowley, whose body was found on a canal bank near Crystal River in central Florida.'To my agonizing shame, I must confess to the crime,' he said in a slow, deliberate voice before the injection was given.

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