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Dr_Carson: The earlier treatment is started the better the effect.While vitamin E is often used, the data don't support a strong effect. Bill1: I have read that PD sometimes goes away after a while. Bert: I am in Portugal, Bert: I'm 59 years old also suffering of this Peyronie's disease. Please help me Dr_Carson: While PD is not curable, there are a variety of treatment options for all stages of PD.

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There are several studies of shock wave treatment that also show no significant improvement. I tried 9 months of topical Verapmil with absolutely NO impact!

Dr_Carson: I am not surprised as the Verapamil does not get into the plaque from the topical application. Is there anything that I should be doing but waiting? There are all kinds of treatments being suggested on the internet- Vitamin E topical with DMSO, enzymes, etc.

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