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Also, while there were numerous processes, those likely to encountered fall into relatively few types.Dating photographs consists of drawing together various strands of evidence.Costume is an obvious guide as fashions change, but studio settings, composition and framing can be helpful too.For all these pointers, it is not an exact science and a best guess based on experience may be necessary when individual details within a photograph offer conflicting interpretations.Some of these relate to the process used, the physical object (sizes and mounts for example), as well as the image.Names and addresses of photographers, where provided, can be helpful, especially when used in conjunction with trade directories, as is information on patronage and warrants on the back.Similarly, if one finds an illustration or photograph of a shop, church or house amongst family papers there must have been a reason for someone to save that item.The family historian should always ask herself Why was this picture taken, or this clipping saved?

Concentrating on professional studio portraits, it is designed to aid the amateur family historian in assessing photographic material from a time when the technology was developing at a phenomenal rate: as Robert Pols notes in his introduction, the Victorian period spanned the era from the announcement of the invention of photography to the snapshot.

It is an excerpt from their course English: Education, Health and Contemporary Documents by Dr. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Your illustrations, whether photographs or other materials need to be identified.

There is also extensive advice on how to make copies using a film SLR camera, with or without a copy stand.

Digitisation and computers are mentioned only briefly, almost in passing, and the assumption is that this type of operation is more likely to be done in a shop than at home.

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