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Relevant and exciting, intense and fresh, Season 10 continues to explore envelope-pushing stories with a sense of humour and a lot of heart. Fiona returns from the Hamptons with her new boyfriend, Bobby— but is Bobby the perfect guy Fiona’s been searching for?

Back at Degrassi, Holly J is surprised to learn that Sav is running against her for Student Council President.

Meanwhile, Jenna’s Power Squad uniform doesn’t fit—is she gaining weight?

Sav hatches a plan to see the ‘Dead Hand’ concert behind his parents’ backs—but things take a major left turn.

A lonely Holly J can’t afford to visit Declan in New York and worries he might be seeing another girl.

Fitz has it in for Eli, but Eli refuses to give into a bully.

A broken Fiona tries to return to life after Bobby—but is she able to find the support she needs?

Meanwhile, Dave’s tone deaf and bringing down the band—are the Three Tenors over?Anya and Sav search for a way to tell Degrassi the truth about their pregnancy ruse.Meanwhile, Clare finally sets Jenna straight about her alleged boob job. After Drew threatens to ‘out’ Riley, Riley is forced to take matters into his own hands—but will it cost him QB1? Alli is determined to win over Drew and throws a house party to get his attention. refuses to move in with his mom and hatches a plan to remain in his group home.Alli goes to extreme lengths to label Drew her ‘boyfriend’—but is Drew ready to give Alli the ‘girlfriend’ title?Holly J tries to get over Declan and finds a welcomed distraction in planning a dance with Sav.

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