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We are both privileged and proud that FAO has welcomed our gallery of vintage Steiff pieces to complement our dedicated boutique in their flagship store.” Since Steiff was founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, children and adults have been delighted by the incredible details found in each Steiff plush product.

From early pieces to the introduction of the first Teddy Bear in 1902, followed by nearly life-sized animals and stuffed versions of pop culture icons, Steiff products are as well known for being handcrafted as they are for the “button” placed in the ear of every Steiff animal, a feature added in 1904 to prevent counterfeits.

Now, FAO Schwarz is honoring the shared history and longevity of both brands with 25 display cases filled with vintage Steiff products.

Starting with an 1898 Duck, visitors will see unique versions of Teddy Bears, horses and even Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on display storewide.

Packaged with a miniature portrait of the bear, interested collectors can purchase this item for ,000.

FAO 150th Anniversary 30-Piece Edition Bear - a 24 inch commemorative bear honoring the 150th Anniversary of FAO Schwarz may be purchased for 0.

“Frederick August Otto Schwarz created his store with a commitment to offering the best toys in the world, and for more than 100 years, the superior plush pieces produced by Steiff have been a cherished fixture at FAO Schwarz,” said Lisa Harnisch, Senior Vice President, General Merchandising Manager, Toys“R”Us, U. “FAO Schwarz and Steiff have a shared legacy of offering high-quality playthings, and we know kids, collectors and visitors to our store will marvel at the history of the Steiff pieces currently on display.” “The Steiff name has become identified worldwide with all that is quality regarding the design and craftsmanship of plush animals,” said Jim Pitocco, President, Steiff North America.

(Available for purchase directly from Steiff via the store’s Personal Shopping Department at 212-644-9400).

This item, along with an original chest tag and an x-ray showing its inner-workings is available at the close of the gallery for ,000.

Center Seam Teddy Bear - has a distinctively shaped head that was created when two rolls of fabric were joined to sew every seventh bear.

Items from the show will be also featured on the company’s timeline at

Celebrating A Shared Legacy: FAO Schwarz and Steiff For generations of children, the Steiff boutique at FAO Schwarz has been a must-see destination when visiting the store.

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