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Don’t feel that you have to tell them the personal details, but let them know your fears, hopes and dreams.On the other hand, don’t involve them so much that their hearts break more than yours if things don’t work out. My girls said they appreciated the fact that they could ask me about my dates and I would tell them, from beginning to end, what we did and where we went. But when I was asked to reveal some of the things Karen and I talked about, I told them only general topics.If this stage is not rushed, it can also be a great opportunity for you to have prayer with each other’s kids and be part of their bedtime rituals. Go Home Keep a curfew, and let your kids know when you are going to be home.Once trust is established, kids enjoy falling asleep with grown-ups talking in the living room. (Of course, they need to hear you .) It is also important to tell them you will be leaving soon after they fall asleep. Maintain the same rules you would expect them to maintain when they date. As my relationship with Karen progressed, her daughter and my two girls spent more time together and had sleepovers on the weekends.

We can preach to them about boundaries, respect andpurity, but when they watch us living out these commitments, they are truly influenced.

Single parents are the best role models for teaching their children about dating.

We had a marvelous conversation, and in the process we discovered some good guidelines for single-parent dating.

Bringing a little something for your kids makes them feel as if they were part of your outing and you were thinking of them.

It also demonstrates to your date how important your children are to you.

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The center for single parent family ministry (founded by Gary Sprague) was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2003, led by a Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Council.

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