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In a sense, though, this redundancy has been built into its themes and texture.

The virtual action is set not in the internet, but in a parallel, orphaned network (known as 'the Grid') that has been growing and evolving autonomously since the Eighties without ever quite losing its essential Eighties feel.

Boxleitner's big break occurred when he was cast opposite James Arness in the pilot for the epic TV series How the West Was Won.

He went on to star in the CBS series Bring 'em Back Alive; mini-series East of Eden; and TV movie The Last Convertible.

Jeff Bridges returns to the role of pioneering programmer Kevin Flynn, an ageing, grey-bearded version of his former self, who has been trapped in the Grid since 1989.

There his vision of a perfect utopia is being enacted with uncompromising fascism by a programme named CLU that Kevin created decades ago in his own image.

No matter how formulaic the clichés from which this story has been stitched, or how ropey some of the dialogue used to convey Kevin's paternal wisdom, Bridges' mere presence brings his every scene to life.

Sam may get most of the action, but he is just re-running races that Kevin had already won years ago, while it is only the fear of fuelling CLU's dangerous ascendancy that prevents Kevin from taking action and deploying his own God-like powers – at least until the endgame. ", Quorra asks Sam near the film's close – and the filmmakers have evidently approached their materials with a similar question in mind.

Here advances in CGI are shown off at their most cutting edge, and all those games with 'light cycles' and frisbee-like 'discs' are revisited in an expanded form that is far more thrilling and spectacular.

In 1982, Boxleitner was cast as the title role in Disney's cult film TRON which garnered him science fiction fans worldwide.

However, it was in Boxleitner's four-year run for CBS's 'Scarecrow and Mrs.

An entire subplot concerning Quorra's origins has little point to it beyond setting up events for the next sequel – and the same would appear to be true of the reappearance of the 'programme' character Tron, who is utterly unimportant here except insofar as his presence justifies the use of his name in the film's title, and hints perhaps at a more important role in future instalments.

Bruce Boxleitner reprises the part of Alan Bradley, Tron's user in the real world – but Tron himself remains hidden behind a helmet throughout, rendering futile any attempt to locate Boxleitner's (younger) face in his digital features, or to discern any genuine character in him at all.

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