Accomodating resistance equipment

Therefore, the amount of resistance used is determined by the sticking point -- or weakest point -- of the exercise.Free weight resistance equipment, such as barbells and dumbbells, provide the same load regardless of the position of the weight or the phase of the exercise.Training tools such as medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands also provide constant resistance.

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Gustav Zander in 1879) provided maximum tension throughout the range of motion with a special-shaped cam.

Isokinetic machines provide accommodating resistance at a constant speed.

Deadlift Do 6–10 single-speed pulls with bar weight at 50% of your best pull—band at top is about 30%.

Strength Speed To build strength speed or slow strength, use more band tension than bar weight.

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Resistance Method Combinations Hill’s equation of muscle contraction states that weights at high velocity produce small force, whereas low velocity against max effort produces the highest force rating.

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