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After you create your account, you will have the option of going on the tour, or skipping straight to the site.Lava Life currently has over 15 million members that use their site, with more women, than men currently registered."I get thank you e-mails every day." He points out that cheating is rampant, saying "We are part of the animal kingdom. It’s just not in our DNA." There is some evidence to suggest that genetics plays a role in whether we cheat or not, but the evidence does not prove that we are powerless to resist cheating. Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology, told the Times Online, “It does seem that there is a strong link between a woman’s genetic inheritance and the chances that she will commit infidelity,” Spector said.

"This is a safe way to do it." What makes the site "safe" for cheaters?Lava Life has been in the Online Dating business now for about 17 years.This site allows members to set up 3 different profiles, one Relationship, Dating, and Intimate profile for each member.NBC reported that researchers found a correlation between genes of cheating voles, a species of mouse-like rodents known to be monogamous, and genes of men who cheat.If a man had that gene, he was more prone to marital dysfunction. Whether it’s caused by genetics or culture or something else entirely, infidelity is widespread, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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Cost ranges from $14-40 for one month of site use - often, this is a trial period for many users.

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