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In the brave new post-truth world of fake news, the New York Times offers a degree of reassurance.

“All the news that’s fit to print”, it proclaims from the top left-hand corner of its front page – as it has done for the last 120 years.

A (real) Belfast cafe owner then contacted Minnis and his writing partner Ciaran Murray (better known as Seamus O’Shea to Ulster Fry fans) with a proposal. There were queues at the door of the cafe, queues all around the block.

“He tweeted us and said, ‘Do you want to do this crisp sandwich thing for real? And then everybody copied it.” “Walkers were doing sandwich crisps, Tayto opened a cafe in Dublin, and they were even doing Tayto crisp sandwiches on Aer Lingus flights, but the Ulster Fry bank balance remained remarkably low during the whole experience.

It’s also made a successful jump into print – the third book from Waterford Whispers News was published last month, as was a collection from its Northern counterpart, The Ulster Fry.

But during the November–March travel season that followed the release of French filmmaker Luc Jacquet's 2005 documentary, 35,075 tourists visited Antarctica, 26 percent more than the previous year.

And the penguin fever continues: Connecticut-based Quark Expeditions sold out all 324 spots on its 14-day Emperor Penguins safari tours to Antarctica last year—at ,500 per person.

“The story was ‘Rescue mission launched as thousands stranded on higher moral ground’.

“Everyone was getting on their high horse about a gorilla and I was thinking, are you all bonkers? The Ulster Fry’s story about Simply Crispy, Belfast’s first cafe dedicated to the crisp sandwich, was picked up and reported as genuine by other news outlets.

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