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TRAVEL UP: MORE THAN 100 PERCENT After Jon Krakauer's 1996 book made bestseller lists, hearty pilgrims began combing the Alaska backcountry for Christopher Mc Candless's bus, which sits 27 long and treacherous miles north of tiny Healy.

The town's chamber of commerce has been getting about a dozen calls a year from hikers looking for location details, with numbers on the upswing thanks to Sean Penn's fall 2007 film.

Initially, this public commitment was an attempt to reclaim the middle ground from the louder, brasher and wealthier “yellow press” of the great newspaper magnates, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer.

Today, it can be argued, the world of news is in a similar bind, with fewer journalists and ever-increasing pressure to churn out sufficient copy to satisfy the relentless demands of social media. “There are only a handful of newspapers that actually do proper reporting.

“Maybe it’s like your man inventing the internet,” Minnis says philosophically.

That’s where the idea of Waterford Whispers came from.One imagines that the father of Irish satire, Jonathan Swift, would have approved.Lambasted for his “modest proposal” to alleviate the effects of poverty by selling and eating the children of the poor, the man who willingly admitted he “had too much satire in his vein” would surely have found our current times irresistible.But during the November–March travel season that followed the release of French filmmaker Luc Jacquet's 2005 documentary, 35,075 tourists visited Antarctica, 26 percent more than the previous year.And the penguin fever continues: Connecticut-based Quark Expeditions sold out all 324 spots on its 14-day Emperor Penguins safari tours to Antarctica last year—at ,500 per person.

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