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doing the laundry is my therapy :)i also like adventure and the... The movie somehow continued to get made despite the director and star trading blows. Years later, Clooney said that he would still punch Russell if he saw him. It's that thing where the actor pretends to be his character not just when he's onstage or screen but at every moment of his life until the production wraps. The only reason many people know about method acting is because of Daniel-Day Lewis. Can you imagine moving to Hollywood and finding out your first job is feeding a pretentious actor who refuses to move his body? Let's say you're making a quick movie that's stressing everyone out. In this case, though, we actually think the actor was in the right. Russell was the director of , and he doesn't have the best reputation. He attacked crew members, humiliated them, screamed at them, did just the worst things he could. "You can't shove, push, or humiliate people," Clooney reportedly told him, and when Russell responded by trying to attack him, he allegedly attacked back. He never left his wheelchair, had to be driven everywhere, and (perhaps most galling of all) he had to be fed by the crew members. He's fed up and literally starts attacking you with a hammer. Because we've all heard of actors going way too far on set for ridiculous reasons. It's hard to hear about an actor punching a director without immediately thinking about how actors are super prima donna crybabies. You hear he hit his director and you go, "Aw, man, I liked him." It's your gut reaction!

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